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A Warm Welcome to All Ascent Hosting Customers!

On November 23, 2011 Tecnet Solutions acquired the operations of Ascent Hosting, previously operated by Robert Phelan.

Please be assured at the outset that it will be ‘Business As Usual” as far as the operation of your valuable email and website systems are concerned. Your email and website hosting will continue to be provided on the same first class infrastructure and you can expect a continuation of the high levels of reliability and service that you have been accustomed to.

We look forward to working with you to deliver positive and valuable services for your businesses!

Please update your records with our contact details and note our processes for assisting you with any support queries that you may have:

If you require any technical assistance please follow these procedures:

  1. Check the Ascent Hosting Self Help FAQ Page
  2. Log a Help Desk Ticket using your personalised Help Desk Customer Portal HERE (you will receive a separate email containing your logon details)
  3. If you require telephone assistance please contact in the first instance our Help Desk on 1300 510 117 (M-F 9.00-5.00)
  4. For URGENT out of hours matters please contact Michael Benstead directly on mobile 0422 144 906
  5. You can also email us on helpdesk@tecnetsolutions.com.au

For any issues or questions relating to your website content, site changes etc please continue to contact Robert Phelan from Flip Interactive via mail@flipinteractive.com

Once again, Welcome and please do not hesitate to contact us for any assistance.

The Tecnet Solutions Team

Office and Help Desk: 1300 510 117

Direct Mobile: 0422 144 906
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Getting a Computer That’s Right For You
By   http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Jake_Leer Jake Leer

Has the moment come to invest in a new personal computer? If your current computer is faltering on a regular basis or even has become dated, then it may perhaps end up being time to purchase a brand new model. This generates a quandary: which of the many latest computers in the market should you buy. That may be a fairly complex procedure because presently there are various computers, laptops, and notebooks. Choice can be good but at some point you need to make a specific decision. Consequently, which of these kinds of personal computers should you get? Exactly what should you start looking for any time you are buying personal computers? This latter query is vital to answer simply because investigating just what the computer offers may frequently deliver the actual solution to which computer system to acquire.

The following can be a few things to look for:

Exactly how much memory does the computer possess? What you do using the computer will be dependent on how much memory space it has. Depending upon the actual jobs you are intending to utilize the computer for, you might need a good deal of memory. As such, figuring out the memory space quantity in advance of buys is critical.

The operating system the computers use will be another factor to check. Sticking along with those computers which possess the most current operating system offered would most likely be regarded as a big benefit. Keep in mind: right now there are a few personal computers out there with outdated operating systems. You might want to avoid those systems. Really, generally there will be almost nothing wrong with an old operating system in the event that you are prepared to work with one. On the other hand, if this is not what you would prefer to work with then you need to start looking to a different model.

Additionally, you might want to establish if the actual memory space can possibly be upgraded with the particular model you are purchasing. This way, if you need to upgrade you can do so with very little difficulty.

Take a look to see what audio/video features the computer will come with. Virtually all top models arrive together with a DVD player and also then there tend to be some computers with built in webcams. In the event that you are going to buy a new computer, why not pay for one that arrives with a host of useful accessories? Bear in mind, if you have got to purchase all of them individually you may end up being cornered having to pay a great deal extra out of pocket.

When you purchase a personal computer, you may usually receive a single year’s worth of an anti-virus software in a free trial. Nevertheless, which anti-virus program are you getting? You may want a top software program because if you do not you might need to pay out for an upgrade on your own. This can cost a bunch of money which usually is much better saved during the initial purchase.

The availability of extended warranties on the computers ought to be looked into as well. When you have a difficulty with the computer, you do not really want to expend a fortune to fix it. A particular model that offers an extended warranty is a model really worth considering to purchase. It just tends to make much better fiscal sense.

Of course, you can add your own parts and criteria to the mix. Since of course, you are the individual that will be making the real purchase.

For more information related to the topic, please click here: http://www.computerslaptopsnotebooks.net computers laptops notebooks

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?Getting-a-Computer-Thats-Right-For-You&id=3743082 Getting a Computer That’s Right For You


There has been a lot of media coverage in recent days about security problems with the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser and countries such as Germany and France are urging their citizens to stop using the software.

See here for a local Courier Mail article.

So, should you be worried about this? Well, yes and no.

Yes, because Microsoft have not yet released an update to fix the problem although the fix is due out in the next day or so.

No, because providing your computer is set to Auto Install Microsoft updates then your computer will be protected once that fix is released by Microsoft.

What this issue does highlight is that ANY browser is vulnerable to weaknesses being discovered. This is normal and not in itself of concern.

I suggest you consider using an alternative browser such as Firefox (download here)

One good reason to have two or more browsers installed on your computer is that IF you have any problem say with Internet Explorer then you can just stop using it and keep surfing!

Also, some websites prefer one type of browser over another and having a couple minimises the annoying incompatabilites that sometimes arise with a particualar browser.

Note that Internet Explorer Version  8 (the current version which should be installed if your computer is auto updating) is NOT affected by the recently discovered security weakness.


Tecnet Solutions uses and recommends Trend Micro Security Solutions.

Trend Micro offer a useful “Threat Status” meter on their website. The meter summarises the current threat status on the internet for problems such as spam and viruses. It also has a really nifty tool that allows you to enter any website address and have it checked for live threat status. Try it out now!

For information about Trend Micro and their range of “Worry Free” Solutions for businesses, click here OR just contact us as Tecnet Solutions. You can try a fully functional 30 day trial of the sotware and make your business safer.

Tecnet Solutions Featured in The Westerner Newspaper

Tecnet Solutions was fortunate to be featured in an article in the Westerner newspaper some time ago.

You can view the article here:


Welcome to our website!

It has taken a while but we didn’t want to release our website until our conversion from being a reactive “break-fix” IT Support company to a Proactive “Managed Services Provider” was in place.

We’ll be adding heaps of news articles and new features over the coming months so keep coming back!

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Michael Benstead Appointed to Samford Chamber Of Commerce Management Committee

Tecnet Solutions Director, Michael Benstead, was recently appointed to the management committee of the Samford and Districts Chamber Of Commerce.

The Chamber is undergoing a revitalisation and has a charter to promote local businesses in the North Western suburbs of Brisbane.

Michael is on the far right of the photo.

If you are a business and wish to obtain information about the Chamber Of Commerce, click here