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There has been a lot of media coverage in recent days about security problems with the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser and countries such as Germany and France are urging their citizens to stop using the software.

See here for a local Courier Mail article.

So, should you be worried about this? Well, yes and no.

Yes, because Microsoft have not yet released an update to fix the problem although the fix is due out in the next day or so.

No, because providing your computer is set to Auto Install Microsoft updates then your computer will be protected once that fix is released by Microsoft.

What this issue does highlight is that ANY browser is vulnerable to weaknesses being discovered. This is normal and not in itself of concern.

I suggest you consider using an alternative browser such as Firefox (download here)

One good reason to have two or more browsers installed on your computer is that IF you have any problem say with Internet Explorer then you can just stop using it and keep surfing!

Also, some websites prefer one type of browser over another and having a couple minimises the annoying incompatabilites that sometimes arise with a particualar browser.

Note that Internet Explorer Version  8 (the current version which should be installed if your computer is auto updating) is NOT affected by the recently discovered security weakness.

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